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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Remember that you are an apple up on one of the high and frail branches of the tree, most often guys would like to pick you. But that means they would have to climb, risk the chance of falling. One day, there's this guy who climbed the tree, and you felt so happy and excited. However, since you are on a frail and high branch, it is taking him some time. So, you feel impatient. Then out of the blue, a guy with a long stick is trying to pluck you. You feel so excited again ... BUT, don't you think you'd better wait for the one who risked it all to get you than for that someone who stayed safely on the ground and your not even sure if he could catch you when you fall ???
Remember, INTELLIGENT girls escaped troubles, WISE girls avoid.
- cLsMyT LaNggA

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