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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Money Consiousness

Money is not bad, it's the love of money that is bad. I used to think that money is evil, that rich people won't go to heaven and only poor people will. I remember i told to myself before that i can't be rich, that i'm not born to be rich (coz i believe i'm not the business-minded type of person...hehehe). I'm in the field of engineering, computer engineering specifically, which we know is very far from business or financial side. I don't have any business degree. I've never been to business school.
But I learned and realized that i can be rich. I don't need to be in a business school to learn about business, to know how money works. Well, surely having a business degree would be much better. I don't need to have a chinese blood running through my veins to be in the business world (but it would help if we act and think like one...hahahaha...). But seriously, we can be rich. We just need to have the right information, the proper information which i believe is not thought in school. But are very important in our life.
e can be closer to God and be financially rich too. We can grow spiritually and grow financially as well. I remember Bo Sanchez said that "MONEY problem is mostly only a MIND problem", which is true. We need to be in control, to take charge of our life. God has nothing to do with our poverty. ;-)

Here are videos from www.preacherinbluejeans.com which i believe are very useful and enlightening for us, especially in the financial aspect of our life.


  1. amen. i agree with you te. i am so happy te nga you are close to God. ako sad, ka relate ko ana. lol.

  2. Hi guys...Thnx for your comments..!!!
    Let's just make sure, (always put in mind), that if we want to be rich, we should have a noble goal...should be mission-driven...because if all we wanted is to be rich, without any clear reason, for sure, someday we will become GREEDY...
    Our goal here is to make money our servant, our slave not to be servants or slaves of money. =)

  3. ate chy, unsa man emu gusto url nga subdomain? http://chy.kinabuhi.net? or unsa man? hehehe